You wonder why you didn't get asked?

So, when you come to me, and complain that you feel that YOU should have been offered the position before me, I hope you stop and think about why you weren't. Is it because you don't listen? Or maybe you can't follow instructions? How about you show up late probably once, if not more, per week? Could it have something to do with the fact that YOU aren't interested in advancing yourself, and you hope for opportunity to come to you?


All you can see is how you have put in more time, you have more seniority, you think your pseudo-diploma from the same pseudo instituation that I came from holds more weight.

Well, *censored* you. I got what came to me, and you got what was coming to you.

You've had more jobs, you say? You've done more of this you say? You say you know more about what people and business want?

Clearly you don't have a damn *censored*ing idea. Otherwise, you might realise what this job is about. Its not about coding ASP pages, expressing your ub3rn355 @t P atche p, or how you can 0wn3rz m3 at d00m IiI.

Your attitude is your downfall. Your inability to break out of your little cocoon of comfort and change your focus is why you whine all day about the calls, and why I don't have to take them anymore.

Maybe I just know what to say, and who to say it to, in order to get what I want. Maybe I know that my actions speak louder than any words I can craft, and I won't let you see the results of the actions until I'm certain I am amazed by them.

And when your actions are mediocre, and you can't follow instructions, you don't listen to the simplest instruction, think that you know best, your actions do speak loudly.

They tell people your an idiot.

When your own actions, the person who has all the experience, the person who should have got my position, the person who whines all day because he can't get what he wants.. when your own actions have me helping you out because you can't fix something on your own, you've effectively told me you're an idiot.

To answer the other person, who grilled me today, as to why I do things, and not him?

I think I've answered it mostly - because what took a week before, I did in 2 days. I do it without being asked, but its known that I'm doing it because I'm asking questions. And I'm asking the right questions.

So, to you, I say the same thing:

*censored* you.

My actions speak louder than your words of false promise.

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