Why bother calling?

So, next time that you call up your helpdesk, and the guy on the line asks you to do something, please just do it. Don't say "I tried that already".. things might have changed. Don't say "That won't fix it" because, if you knew that, why did you call?

Next time that you call you helpdesk, and the guy on the line says "Click here, do this, type that", follow his instructions. You've TOLD him what operating system you're using, and he really DOES know where things are in it. And for the record, "My Documents" is not the same as "My Computer".

Next time that you call the helpdesk, and they say "Ok, thanks Jimbob, here's your ticket number, we're going to contact our 2nd level teams", don't get mad, be thankful that he's trying to get a human involved. You helpdesk guy is probably 4000 km away, or in India, or who knows where, and may not be able to help you anymore. For all you know, your own company may not permit the helpdesk guy to help you any further.

So, next time you call your helpdesk, because something isn't quite right with your e-mail, or you can't view your favorite online webpage, please remember that YOU are calling for help - we're not calling you to piss you off.

If you're calling because you have a problem, but you just want to make us look bad because you can fix the problem, then why bother calling?

Don't waste my time. I'll take 60 calls instead of 60 + 1 jackass.

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