What did I get myself into?

We thought we would try to get everything moved on one day ... on the Friday of our posession date. So, me trying to be the smart guy that I am, arranged all the utilities to be hooked up Friday afternoon, when I thought I would be unloading the moving van.

What I failed to consider what the amount of time it is going to take to pack said moving van.

Its not like I have to be ingenious about packing it .. I rented a 24' van, I have ~40 boxes to fill (if needed).. The only thing I don't have is time.

Here's the scenario:
Dad pick up truck at 9:00 AM. takes ~20 minutes to get to my crib now, plus Dad chat time. Dad ETA: 9:30.

9:30 -> 11:30 AM: Pack truck. Pack truck fast. Who the hell is going to help me move on a workday Friday? I'm a freakin retard.

11:30 AM: Exit crib, head North to new crib.

12:00 PM: Get key for new crib, say congrats, start unpacking and letting utility people in my house to get crap hooked up. Oops, there's no power meter, I guess that'll take some time.

At least I should have TV that evening.. so if NOTHING else, I can sit on my boxes and watch What Not to Wear.

Saga continues...

Saturday, let the cleaning of old cirb begin. I am bound to be sore, tired, and generally cranky. At least we'll have all day to clean the place.. and it shouldn't be THAT bad (hah.. riiight) considering its all condensed into one level, unlike the townhouse.

Sunday: Good TV on FoodTV. You should watch it. Alton Brown kicks ass.

Monday-Wednesday: Work! HURRAH! Someone please kill me?

Thursday-Tuesday: Holiday, finally.. hopefully I will be well rested in there.

Now.. SOMEWHERE in there, I will need to take care of myself. Ie. visit the gym, relax, have some wine, that sort of thing.

But we'll see how all this plays out.

For now, I'm ranted out, and I'm going to go pack a box of something. Not certain what yet. I had this great idea of doing the bottom half of a box in books, and the top half of clothes, so that it doesn't weigh so much. Maybe I'll try that....