Weekly Rant

This week started out pretty rough. Monday was probably the worst monday we've had in a long time.. effectively we missed all our targets, mostly because of some implimentation-gone-bad on the weekend past. Combined with the usual monday morning rush, and a few people away, it was pretty ugly.

Tuesday and Wednesday followed suit, but not to the same extent. Of course, being month-end, I have a slough of work to wade through. Most of it is complete, as of Friday, however a few details remain that will be completed next week.

Apparantly this implimentation went bad because when they ported over the user base, they forgot to reindex the database after increasing the diskspace ... or something. Meaning, that even though the records were in the database, the DB didn't know it.. and concequently, told the clients requesting the information to take a hike.

And these are highly paid professionals?

The usual bunch of non-sharing folk at the gym are getting to me. This time 'round, it was 3 people stuffed in the corner, all trying to change into gym gear. LIke, as in, they're getting ready to go work out, and they're like a bunch of damn clowns bumping each other and so on.

Did it occur to one of you idiots to MOVE? You know, go somewhere else? Like, 6 feet down the wall of lockers?

Nope. INstead, the 3 of you can sit there looking like morons, and I'll just wait for the clownshow to finish. I wonder about these people. These are probably the same people that make a 2 lane road 3 because they figure they need to get to where they're going moreso than you.

And, for the love of whatever god you believe in, if you're going to or fro the shower, DO NOT bring your freakin cell phone with you. Grow up, and tell whoever's calling, that you can't take their call. Idiot.

ANyhow, back to dwelling on work. I asked not to work Monday, but no one is really sure who will be showing up or not. So, guess I'm on a form of standby where they try to call me, I ignore it, and they get screwed. So here's hoping no one calls on Monday. I wouldnt want to have to deal with it come Tuesday. But I'll be watching (if I'm home).. hopefully to see nothing, otherwise I'll feel like a real big ass.

The wedding plans have moved along exceptionally last week. Invitations, dresses, registering, as well as some smaller details done. This weekend is tuxes, finalization on the invites, and flowers (which I'm still trying to figure out how to get out of).

Still have the DJ to do .. and I think thats the last of the biggies to finish up.

So here's to a good weekend, with lots of sleep, and hopefully a healthy amount of liquid grain.