Waiting for the weekend

However, the weekend is almost near. Winter weekends are becoming a bit nicer, as I've become acustomed to lying in front of the fireplace, having a nice glass of vintage 2004 Cellarcraft Merlot, and just relaxing.

Sounds idylic, but the truth is, is that I feel like I'm never caught up on work, so I've usually got the laptop in tow, or some other project..

Like this weekend, for instance, is halloween. So, instead of chilling in front of the fireplace, like I want to be doing, I'll probably get pawned off to dishing out the candy.

Even if it wasn't halloween, I'm sure there would be something else to do - laundry, some work project, playing with some of the new programming ideas that I've had ... there's always one more thing.

Oh well. If nothing else, I won't be stuck to a desk. Which is something in itself.

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