I am inspired.

It's sad - One of the teeny-bopper social networking tools has actually piqued my interest, and now I'm inspired.

Truth be told, my inspiration comes from Fuelfrog.

I make use of a time tracking tool called Toggl.  I can specify projects, tasks within a project, then run a timer against a single task.  This helps me at work, when my time is chargable to different cost codes depending on the task that I do.  My biggest beef with it is that I can't do it from my BB.

But with Twitter, I have an excellent, and cheap, interface to issue simple "start" and "stop" commands, and even provide some data (such as a project code or something).

Or if time tracking isn't your thing, maybe an improved version of Fuelfrog?  Message the odometer reading, price and litres, and you get a tool that is a bit more able than what Fuelfrog is right now (though its still an excellent tool).

Or..  Maybe I want to track what days I ride to work - "@user ride both", and have it drop into a calendar.

The possibilities are endless.  SMS has always been a great cheap way to send simple messages or commands, but without having an SMS gateway (I think thats what its called)  using it has been a problem.

But with Twitter, all that's provided - and its free.