image Ugh..  I cringe when I see that name.  Just the name alone makes me gag.  It's like the embodiment of all social networking sites, livejournal, myspace, and all those teeny-bopper services wrapped into one.  Makes me hork a hairball.

However...  I signed up.  Yes, I signed up for a twitter account.  No I'm not going to post that I'm wiping my ass (NSFW?) as I sit on the can, nor am I going to provide constant updates - because well, really, who cares?  I don't care that you're eating at Miccy Dee's or sleeping or..  whatever..  and I sure as heck don't intend to "follow" you to find out.

However, it does offer some neat features.  For example - I can post an update via SMS.  I can also send a message to another Twit through SMS.  I can also retrieve my updates (and updates of anyone, I think) via RSS.

So why not use this to collect data?  Set up a service Twitter account, post messages to it via SMS with say, information from when you gas up your car, then have the RSS feed filtered for your own submissions.

That's exactly what Fuelfrog has done.

I've had app's on my Palm pilot to do that, but it's always a bit cumbersome, especially if I've forgotten it.  But with a BB (or the Treo) where SMS was "always on" because I always had my phone with me.

So the site is Imperial-centric (MPG), but the math is the same - Miles / Gallon == KM / L.  Toss some cost figures in there, and away you go.

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