Talkin' Across Alberta...

However, it seems that he's limited in range, and has some geography working against him. We did manage to converse for about 45 minutes on his drive up to Lac La Biche, and by the birds flight, about 80 KM worth of radio range.

From LLB (Lac La Biche, lazy form), to a repeater that can be linked up to a local one for me, its 80+ KM... Plus, once you go north, you lose the advantage of a the flat plains ...

I keep trying to convince him that "you need a bigger antenna".. the farm that he's staying at has a 50' TV antenna.. drop an antenna on top of that, and run some cabling, and a guy would be set.

However, that costs money, and money, as usual, is in short supply.

We figure $150 for an antenna, another $150 for cable, and about $100 for a power supply to run his radio... pretty expensive experiement.

Maybe I'll sponsor some of it or something. Who knows.

So in the meantime, I'm going to think of ways that we can get him stuff for cheap.. or if there's a convoluted way of linking him in.

Check out the links section.. I've added a few items relating to this quest.

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