A Saturday Post


I'm Edo'd, I'm cherried..  and the kid is napping (for now).  Queue a ramble!


WoW is full of people, and people have lives too.  So when life takes over, and your "friends" split, what do you do?  Well, that's where I'm at.  EFront is collapsing, and its either time to move on or ship out.  I haven't figured out which one just yet.  A single app has gone out, and we'll see how it goes from there.  With most of the "friends" I've made over the past several years putting down habit, it becomes a difficult decision.


I love the summer in Edmonton.  We went to the farmers market this morning, and while we couldn't get all our groceries in one place, it sure was entertaining looking around.  To the mom with the blue hair, you go.  To the punk who "gave her soul for rock and roll" - with the blue hair, you go.  To the rest of Edmonton who rode their bikes, rollerblades, public transportation, or walked to the market - you REALLY go.


image And to Starbucks...  Your coffee is too hard to order.  I like going into the Tim's on the way to work and speaking, in a still mostly-asleep state "Coffee, Large, Black.  Thanks".  However, go to your local Starbucks on Whyte and one panel on their menu describes, in no less than 6 steps, how to order a coffee.  I want a non-fat cafe mocha grande with no whip and chocolate sprinkles something...  or I'll have a large mocha coffee.  Oh, and about your new logo having the woman's legs "spread like a prostitute... The company might as well call themselves Slutbucks" (http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/business/7427105.stm) ..  I think that might be a little bit extreme, but hey.  What do I know?  I like your special coffee's, even though I need a 2nd mortgage to pay for them..  but could care less about your press appeal.


Windows Live Writer has now become my standard blogging tool, however what it lacks in basic image manipulation can be accomplished by Word.  Yes, Word 2007 has some tools in it to add boarders, drop shadows and whatnot to piccies.

Oooh, nice reflective shadow:



Floating globe of piccy:



Maybe a speia photo?




I know the Gimp or Photoshop can do the same things ...  but this is much, much easier.  if I were doing this in the Gimp..  I wouldn't even know where to begin.


To the old guy at Stupidstore who insisted in going backwards in the checkout lane I was in, and in doing so rammed his cart into my backside about 5 times...  well, yeah.  Common courtesy.  Oh wait, not so common....


Death Race 2009 is in our sights.  Chris, Heather, Nat (my sister-in-law), her boyfriend and I are gearing up to do the 2009 race.  In doing so, I'll be spending some quality time (and hard-earned bones) at The Running Room training up.  The goal is to be able to complete a 10k run before 2008 is out.  Half-marathon by the time summer time 2009 is around..  and race in June of 2009.  Also in preparation, I'll be "slacking" less on the biking to work and bearing the weather a bit more.  Days I don't ride I'm going to try to get 30 minutes of cardio in at work.  We'll see how it goes.