So, as expected, the usual dose of whiney people, the usual dose of people who are excessively grateful because you reset their password for them, etc. Nothing out of the ordinary there, its just the people that call back over and over, expecing me to fly my ass from Edmonton to the Bayoo to fix their damn computer problem.

I've got an answer for you: No. Screw off, no. Because as soon as I start to "fix" other things, you will never, ever leave me alone.

And to the guy that "keeps his computer clean", screw off too. Installing Adobe won't crash your computer. I've done it enough to know that its a safe install - you Winblows 98 will crash, the fact that you like to "tidy" your files will crash, but Adobe will not. So get bent.

As for the staff, think about the holidays before you just hand them out like moist towelettes with the plate of hot wings. While Friday's are notoriously slow, that doesn't warrant having the main shift staffed by 4 people. OOPS! Our targets are in the shitter, I wonder why? Though, due to some excellent teamwork, the 2 major outages were handled quite quickly...

The exercise is going well, as opposed to my sanity at work. I've managed to attain certain goals as far as endurance, strength and balance goes...

And on the 11th hour of being "debt free", I now face the posibility that 3 computers are in their death throes.. Elminster, the server in the closet reboots for no obvious reason, and has a very high memory usage for a very extended period of time (like, all the time). Systems that run more crap than mine seem to be able to handle it much better.

My desktop, Drizzt, is suffering from a bad case of overheating. The video card is frequently hot to the touch, and a wide variety of funky IE errors occur frequently... It's old anyways, pusing 5 years now.. it's almost had it

Holly's computer, Shandril, produces more heat than my toaster oven. I have no idea why - everything spins, but just not fast enough I guess. It's OK - except I can't load Windows on it for some strange reason. She's got Slackware on that for now...

Other than that... I've been reading Real Life .. I usually get inspired to draw stuff on my own after reading someone else's comics.. not so much this time.

Anyhow, yet another thunderstorm approaches, so I should save, and hope that things don't die again.