Sometimes I guess I just don't have a lot to say.. this week is one of those weeks.

At work, we've been hit with the Korgo virus - AKA Sasser, just the newer version thereof. I think I've hit my monthly target for call volume in one weeks' time.. It's been busy, and we've all taken lessons in how to handle yourself when people are really really mad that they can't do anything ("Would you like to talk to my manager?".

I've added "Queen of Wands" to my daily visit list.. Another webcomic, featuring more disfunctional people (much like Something Positive), but a bit more touching. Some of the stories I've been in, some I've seen, and some just made me laugh. Which is nice on weeks like this.

I did manage to piece together a working SSH tunnel for samba.. I'd been trying this for a week or two now, and finally figured out that I'd had a putty misconfiguration. See "Samba SSH Tunnel" at the top of the page for the how-to, complete with childish diagrams and pointless screenshots. This solution doesn't require disabling file and print sharing, which is awesome.

I've also ressurected my efforts at making a Spyce Blog. I did manage to figure out session management with cookies and whatnot, which is where I was having the problems before. Now I'm just playing with the formatting, story management, all that fun stuff. I'm not sure how far I will take it - as I said previously, it seems a little crazy to re-invent the wheel, but I might make it my "normal" blog and build on it as I need to. For the time though, its a little project on the side, and keeps me entertained.

My latest trip to Club Fit feels much more .. rewarding, in a painful sort of way. I spent a substantial amount of time doing upper body weights and exercises, and I can sure feel it today. I'm not incapacitated, but I sure know that I did something yesterday. I think today will be a cardio trip, partially because I'm in pain and I'd like to let my body recover, and party because I don't want to spend my whole afternoon there again, and I'll keep beating myself up next week before the trip.

Next week, we'll be taking a trip to Calgary to see some family and to see the sights of a redneck town.. and to see Cirque Du Soleil (if I spelled that right). I'm still trying to push my extra ticket on Ebay.. hopefully it'll beat the reserve before the show, or it won't be much good AFTER the show....

Enjoy Queen of Wands. Sure, its a bit of a chick strip (not stripper), and be sure to follow the crossover stories to Something Positive. It makes MUCH more sense that way.