I'm sick and damn tired of making a decision, finding something that we like, that is a reasonable price, then having my ass veto'd because someone in particular wasn't involved in buying it.

Allow me to make a few points.

1. 27 years ago, when you got married, $120 WOULD buy you invites, RSVPs, Thank-You's, envelopes for the whole lot. Now, $120 will buy you RSVPs. And envelopes, if you got lucky.

2. Our colours have never been "silver and black". Where the F!!! did you get that from? It's been silver and an unknown colour. Navy, burgandy, green.. all been discussed. Black, not so much. So the fact that the invitations are NAVY and SILVER, fits the bill just right.

3. There's no goddamn tissue paper. There won't be. I don't want some crinkly crap on the top of my invitation. And if the ink smears in the envelope, there WILL be hell to pay to the poor company that will be printing our invitations, because I WILL NOT stand for crap.

So, after presenting our ideas for our invitations, and getting shot down hardcore, we decided to leave things be for a day or two.

We'll have another go in a few days.. but I think we may have to suck it up and pay for a portion of it ourselves - which is OK... just would like to not have been led on.

So.. onward.

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