Old Tech Sh*t

I don’t know that I’m alone with this problem.  I know some of my former NAIT peers have a collection of old tech stuff that just isn’t used, isn’t current, isn’t really…  usable…  but yet we hang on to it “just in case”.

I’ve recently gone through a purge of my old tech junk.  I figured out that I didn’t need to keep some old 386 and 486 motherboard and CPUs, and the RAM that goes along with them.  540MB (yes, megabyte) HDD?  Gone.  ISA modem?  Cya!  SoundBlaster 16?  16 bit hardware is hardly supported anymore.

I did, however, keep cables.  Lots of cables.  Serial cables come in handy for various projects throughout the days.  IDE cables do break after continued use.  Network cables continue to be invaluable.

But what about monitors?  Computer towers?  What about the big stuff that you can’t just stuff inside a garbage bag (or, shouldn’t for HSE reasons)?  Slashdot looks to answer that question:

"I'm attempting to de-clutter my house and I've hit a rough patch: the computer room. I've got a bunch of wires, hardware and software that (I think) were useful at one point in time, but these days it doesn't do much more than take up space. Selling it seems like it'd be a huge hassle and it seems really wasteful for me to just pitch all of this stuff in the dumpster. I've considered giving it away to Goodwill, but I'm afraid that's not the right sort of outlet for this stuff. My question: what should I do with all of my tech junk?"

The response I like the best, and should try:

Here's what I do. Put your stuff on the curb the day after the garbage truck shows up so it will sit there for the next six days. Put a note on it.

Air Conditioner: Free. Works but it's a bit noisy, but yours if you want it.

Lawn Mower: Free. A bit smoky, has a loose rear wheel. Yours if you want it.

Those are two I've done. Both went somewhere before the next garbage day. Just stick a note on it and say it's free, and what might be wrong with it. I'd try something like this:

Old computer stuff: Free. Outdated, but worked the last time I used it. Yours if you want it.

Otherwise…  Edmonton Eco Stations are the choice for me.

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