No Updates!

So the floods.. Unless you either aren't living in Edmonton, aren't related to me, or have been living with your head under the sand for a while, you'll know that we've been receiving an exceptional amount of rain lately. It's left people's cars flooded, houses flooded, the odd person in hospital I'm sure.. its been an ugly site.

And just as soon as things get cleared up, the rain comes again.

Then, this past week, its been scorching hot - 30+ degrees.. then the evening comes and the clouds boil up. Sure enough, we get "SEVERE THUNDERSTORM WARNING bla bla bla".. and we get some rain, some lightning, some thunder.. and thats it... severe, my ass.

Work has been interesting to say the least. I approached my employer (keep in mind I don't directly work for Big Blue), saying that I needed something to do, and that I was looking elsware for work. Later that day, I get approached by the team manager, saying that I should really consider sticking around.

2 work days later, I get told that they're putting me forward to be hired on as IBM, and that I should fill out this application, and give my resume, and have an interview (what for, who knows..) with IBM for a position.

Then, near the end of the week, my manager approaches me again, saying that one of the shift leads is leaving from our team, and that I would have an opportunity to move up, if I wanted.

So from the time that I said "I'm bored" to "Want to be a shift lead", 1 full week had passed.

Amazing what happens when they can't afford to lose you because of staffing issues.

I've developed an interest in APRS, or Automatic Position Reporting System, which allows a person to locate someone else based on transmission of GPS coordinates.

Overlay those coodinates on a map of whever you happen to be, and you get a location close enough that it counts.

While this would generally need a radio receiver, and a TNC (Terminal Node Connector) to receieve the information, decode it, and interpret it, someone was bright enough to think "Hey.. if I put all this information on the internet, and had recieving stations set up across north america, and those were on ther internet, you could track someone anywhere in north america!".. and so, APRS.NET was born. Theoretically, someone could drive from Florida to Edmonton, and you would be able to follow them the whole way because they would be transmitting to towers that put that info on the internet.

Listen to that information from the internet, you can follow anyone, without even needing a radio, or even being a HAM.

An output of this can be seen at this link. It's updated once a minute assuming that I have the application open.

So I think thats all I have to say for now. I've removed Minding My Own Business from the link list thingey up in the top-right corner.. I don't look at it as much as I used to (read: at all).