No rant is a good rant

But, its tough to put it all into words. There's been so much ups and downs that I don't even know where to start.

The wedding plans are coming along OK - some of the details have been sorted out, some not so much. The "Family Reunion" style wedding that was imposed on us has come back to bite us in the ass - we had to choose a venue to hold a larger amount of people, and the food cost a bit more, now that its time to pay the bills .. oops, there's no more money. Kinda feels like that if I had the wedding I wanted, we wouldn't be in this bind .... but, thats what happens when I'm not footing the bill, I suppose.

I had my stag party on Saturday/Sunday. It was enjoyable, the parts that I remember anyways. I'm worried about how big of an ass I made out of myself, but at the same time, I guess I'm entitled.

We're mostly moved into the house .. there are 4 boxes that I can see/count that remain unpacked. Some of it requires that we get some bookshelves or some means of holding stuff before we can finish up.

Now that we've been through a deep freeze, we've notices some of the 'leaky' spots in the house - the front door has a notable draft, the cold air intake on the furnace is generally pretty chilly (duh), etc. A couple of doors aren't sitting square anymore - I guess this is just the beginning of these little annoyances.

We had an early wedding present delivered on Saturday - a brand new bed for the master bedroom. Its a nice bed, its too bad the people delivering it were a bunch of morons. They must have dropped the box spring, or the frame itself against the wall because there's a good sized gouge that'll require some putty and paint. I keep thinking that I should do these little touch-ups before the wedding comes, then i realise that I have a few more important things to handle first.

Job stuff.. ahh, the fun never ends. I'm not switching jobs (allthough - Holly did really recently ... lucky bugger escaped the Customer Service field!!), however I am switching bosses. My present manager is moving to a new account, so I'll be under the leadership of someone else soon enough.

That's all the fun stuff that comes to mind. I think I have some cleaning to do, as well as a few calls, and even maybe a stop to the gym might be in order today. I do have this week off, so the plan is that I can get some of this stuff done without bugging Holly too much.