Merry "Xmas"!

Which is not to say that I didn't enjoy the season. I almost got into the spirit this year, a far cry from seasons past. I almost had it, until it started raining on the 24th, and I was forced to accept the fact that we will never have good weather for the holidays.

On that note, we didn't get out to ski this year like I had hoped. Thats 2 years running now. Maybe next year, when we don't have so much to do.

It was sad to not have Papa around this year. I hadn't considered what it would be like without him - the thought had never crossed my mind. No "carols" on the 24th, no stress on the 25th, and no interesting conversations between him and Maureen at the dinner table. Thankfully his parents are doing better, and were able to spend their holidays with Chris, Melissa, and my father, their son.

Christmas dinner was ... entertaining, at best. We had envisioned it being something like "Meet the Fockers", trying to add a 3rd family to the mix. It worked out in the end, some common discussion threads worked out, and so on... I guess I had expected it to be much worse than it actually was.

We're still about 95% in the house. A small amount of cargo still at my parents place, several boxes yet to be unpacked (namely the several behind me in the office), but otherwise we're mostly moved in. We still need some bookshelves for the living room, and some more for the office, but we'll get there in time. It'll have to wait until after the wedding, methinks - far too much happening at once. Oh, I meant to run any/all cables through the wall, with actual faceplates n such, instead of cheating through vents... Too late for that. The cable guy stuffed the cable through the furnace duct, so I copped out and stuffed the network cable through it as well. Again, a project for after the wedding.

Ah, the wedding. We "oops" remembered that we needed a marriage license. Good thing we still have a month to go before the wedding actually occurs. Some finer details have not yet been worked out (what exactly are we dancing to?), but at least things are booked. Holly's dress arrived, and her "visit" (note - not a fitting, a "visit") went well, as she fit into it without any alterations required.

Tuxes are at a standstill - 1 person left to be sized, which clearly won't happen before the New Year. At least its for an average sized person, and shouldn't pose a problem.

Thats all for now .. work awaits me tommorow (much to my dismay. I really don't want to go this week), so I must prepare.

Hope everyone has a safe and happy new year!

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