Longing for days of old

I'm no novice to customer service. In fact, I'd say that I probably have more customer service experience than 90% of the people who call me, and probably beat out my co-workers at about 80%, in my favour of having more experience kissing customers ass'.

Having said that, I've had a few jobs. My first that I can recall was for Cine Audio/Visual. This followed an accident at my 16th birthday party. While I wasn't directly dealing with customers, I was certainly very visable, and as such, I needed to act accordingly.

My next customer service job I can think of would have to be Wal-Mart. I spent a year to the day there, and it led to the encouragement to go back to school for 2 years.

During that 2 year span, I became the resident manager of my apartment building that I lived in, in exchange for free rent. That job was much less ass-kiss than Wally World, since I was in a position of power, in a sense. If I didn't like the way you looked, or the car that you drove, or the fleet of children that you carry around, forget it. That was the beginning .......

Overlapping with school and the apartment manager job, I started at CB City, supposed to be a part-time job while I went to school. It turned out to be a permanent thing while I looked for more real work. I learned many things, technical, business and all that.. but I also learned how to not take shit from anyone, and in doing so, I also learned how to dish it.

And so, thats where I figure I started to speak my mind, tel you what I really think, and tell you right where to go when I catch you lying to me, or trying to screw me.

CB City is also where the good friend and I started working together. We had been to school with each other, but never relied upon each other to get stuff done.

From there, I did 2 side jobs that come to mind - first one was for the Canadian Blood Society. It was a long weekend jobbie, and my remarks and tongue got me in some black books, I'm sure. My next one, I took a leave of absense, which later became permanent, to Alberta Transportation, where I came in late to the project, and not really knowing the project, to practically single-handedly managing the "road show" as we called it. Did my attitude have something to do with that? Probably. Did I burn some bridges and piss people off in the process? Most definitely.

That leave of absense from CB City went permanent when I got hired at IBM. I've had to put aside my tongue, put side the remarks, and just let everyone's complaints wash over me. I resolved that my work wouldn't come home with me, and apart from 1 book, I've kept that promise. But during the day, when everyone's broken and its my fault, I wish that I was back at CB City, where when someone complained, I blamed them.

I miss being able to do what I wanted, when I wanted. Playing with the radios and electronics and other dodads that interested me...

So I'm not sure if it ruined my sense of intelligence, or just ruined my attitude. Either way, I need to figure it out before it comes back at an inopportune time.

It's now late, I work tommorow, and I've got a lot to ponder.

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