June 2 - Yep, it's a bush. Anyone know what it is?

So, we're out for a walk the other day, and we see this shrub in someone's front yard.  Holly and I both like it, and would like it for the garden in front the living room window.  Minus the small fact that neither one of us have any idea what kind of shrub it is.

We have been mulling over the thought of riding our bikes to the St. Albert market on Saturday's.  It's a generally safe bike ride, with only a small section of sidewalk (that Holly and the boys would ride on), otherwise all trail and bike paths.  We've been a bit unsure about Riley though, and if he's got the strength to make it the whole distance.

Then we went on this 90 minute walk around the neighbourhood, went to try to find a geocache that doesn't exist, went up the power lines, over to the tracks (I'm really making our neighbourhood sound really swell - it's actually quite nice, even with the tracks, thank-you-very-much), and back home..  and it basically dawned on us then that he would be OK to make the ride to St. Albert.

Odd week on deck for me..  Last day running solo on Monday, off Tuesday, off Thursday morning, and hopefully that's it.