Jaunary 21 - Lukah's Flashlight

Not much to look at here, except my Arduino board..  without the chip.  I have it configured to run with it's internal oscilator, and with that, I'm one step closer to making up his flashlight of rainbow coloured doom.

I am working on power issues though.  I measure abou 460mA of draw on my supply, with all LEDs on at full bright.  This is the situation for "white".  Given the capacity of a 6v lantern battery, I imagine that we'll get ~12 hours of use out of one battery.  At a few $ a battery, that's going to get a bit pricey!

So, we start to look into power saving techniques.  The "easy" stuff is configuring the processor.  This saved a few mA ..  nothing too big.

Next step is to lower the brightness of the bulb.  The LED controller ICs have a resistor that can be put in to limit current draw on the LEDs.  This is an easy choice.  Another easy choice is to limit, in software, the maximum brightness.  I may do this - it will allow me to change the value later on without soldering.

So..  onward to debugging. :)