January 2 - Not an Instagram Husband

We're chilling at Soccer, watching Lukah play in "regular season" play (which is to say, a normal game in U8 community) and I look over and see Holly and Riley doing this.

This isn't entirely new, to tell the truth.  Holly has been having a lot of fun with Snapchat, and all the effects that you can add.  We've been sending snaps back and forth for a while..  because why not?  She follows a bunch of people..  I don't.

So, while I'm not an Instagram Husband, there's the odd chance I could be mistaken as one.

New years day was yesterday, and I haven't had the mental capacity on holiday to think of resolutions to do this year.  After all, I'll be turning 35 this year, so maybe it's time to get my life in order.  Instead of having a list of monolithic resolutions, I thought I would try to break it up a bit into categories.


I want to be less lazy and complacent.  The bathroom is still under rennovation.  It's been 34 weeks since we took hammer to tile, and only a few weeks less since we brought the new tub in the door.  This is just lazy.  It's not hard work, it's just I'd rather play the PS4, Minecraft, do school work, or otherwise piss around.

The basement is still in the same place it's been for a few years.  The ceiling isn't done, the lights are a bit wonky, one is missing at the top of the stairs, the bathroom isn't done there...


I should really lose some weight.  And cut down on the white carbs, like the dr. says.  And ride 5000km this year (that's only 1000 more than this year.  Doable, right?).


I thought about doing something here, but I do that as part of a typical review cycle at work, so I decided to leave this blank.  For now.


I get teased because I don't read, unless it's online, in a game, or on Reddit.  I'm going to try to read 12 books this year.  That's one a month.  Assuming I can get them from the library, I think that's more than attainable.  Holly started out with that goal, and finished nearly tripling her objective.  I am on Goodreads if you want to find me there, for some odd reason.


I want to pick up, or improve, one useless skill that I enjoy.  This could be geocaching, or making bread, or brewing cider..  or something that would not otherwise be "profitable", I guess?  I'm not sure how I would define a skill as being useless, but something that I wouldn't do to further a career, for example.

For geocaching, maybe it's finding a 5/5 d/t cache.  Or maybe it's completing all of the year's Reddit's Geocaching Challenges.  Not sure.

For bread baking, maybe it's making an actual pure sourdough, instead of yeasted ones.  I'm not sure.

I want to learn a useful skill, such as a new programming language, or paradigm (DevOps, maybe?).  I could use Git's GitHut information to inform a choice on a language.  I dunno.

I also want to "finish" an Arduino project, even though I don't think they can ever be truly finished.  Lukah wants an epic flashlight made (we already have the flashlight, powered by a 6v lantern battery, with 8 LEDs, that I plan to retrofit with RGB LEDs and a controller and and and ..).  There's also the idea to put a measurement thing in the garage to help park the truck.  There's also a thing to remind me to water the plants at work.  There are so many.  I'll define "finished" as when I've successfully put the thing on veroboard, and left to run - and not run on the dev board (either the Uno, RedBoard, or whatever development platform that piques my interest).

So, we'll see how this settles out for a while, and adjust as needed.