Jan 1 - Hanging on to this for later

I'm trying to do another photo-365 project, inspired by Holly

As before, when I stopped doing it in June, I'm being a bit lax about it - it'll get done, but it may not get posted the day of.

Today: The wiring for a phone jack I had to replace.  This one came with the house, and the one I bought wasn't actually a phone jack - it's a network jack..  but it ought to work.  It was also cheap.

It's dumb, but it's literally the only photo I took today.

And yeah, it's filthy.  It's been hanging out of my wall for a few days weeks months years and it's collected some paint, cat hair and dust along the way.  It's in the trash now.  BUT!  Blue goes to Red, and Blue/White goes to Green.  Important stuff, ya know.