It's Friday, and not a moment too soon

It starts with this audit thing. We all knew it was coming, but this is the week before the actual audit, and lo, we are not complient. So, we're all spending our free time preparing. Nevermind the regular day-to-day duties that we still need to do, or month-end stuff that I need to do... Needless to say, time is short, and at the end of the day, when I hit the gym, I'm glad I can't be contacted.

To the same coworker, you gotta understand, no one is trying to be an ass to you. We are trying to help, not convince you that you're dumb or anything. If you don't want assistance, don't complain. Its no skin off my back if you're stuck, don't have an answer, and don't want my help. I'm quite content in my little after-hour world.

Good news? Another interview for a management position. My own manager is moving up as well, so there SHOULD be another open spot in a month's time.

Time will tell. For now, its Friday, its a weekend, and damnit, I'm gonna have fun with it!

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