Is it too late to say no?

Though, as usual, it would be foolish of me to complain. I've been looking for additional work for some time now. I was at a point where I approached my employer and said "I'm bored, I'm looking for another job" to get things moving a bit for me.

I was then approached by my manager saying "We'd like you to apply for this job", so, I did. I was accepted, and now I am to become an IBM permanent employee soon enough (as mentioned a few other times here, I think).

So, on Friday, my former shift lead comes up to me, and dumps a load of stuff on my desk, including what I know to be current projects he's working on. We exchange a few words, I congratulate him on his new position on another team, everythings all good.

Until he presents a CD full of documentations, process and reports and whatnot that he has kept. I start to dig in, and realise:

I'm in way over my head.

Its now the evening of Wednesday following this bomb, and I think tonight will be the first night I don't come home with a headache - probably because I 'forgot' my laptop at work.

I think what kills me most about this job, is just how much responsibility there is, but how little ability there is to get anything done. My manager isn't producing the documents that I need to complete assignments for her, and the contacts that I have for resolver groups don't expect me to be calling - they expect my former SL to be calling.

I think I might have unloaded my trainee though, which will help things a bit... I might be able to get things done, and heaven forbid, I take a lunch or a break where I'm not at my desk for whatever reason.

My goal for this week is to get caught up - which is to say, catch up on the asset tracking sheet, get caught up on the phone list, get caught up on assignments, get caught up on a bit of knowledge that has been promised to me.

By the end of next week (a full 2 weeks since I was promoted), I should be working like clockwork, and 2 weeks after that (4 weeks total, or about a month), I should be very comfortable in the role.

Time will tell, I guess.

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