Honeymoon: Booked!

Once again .. my venture into the land of High-Priced customer service land failed to deliver what we (Holly and myself) were looking for.

Granted, I think I come into these things with an unfair bias.

There are some instances in Customer Service Land where I want to be sold something.

When I bought Holly's engagement ring, I wanted the salesperson to tell me "She'll love this ring" and not "You need to decide what you want". When I went to buy my car, I wanted to say "I want this car" and not "Have I got a great deal for you, for only ..." line.

The same thing was true for the honeymoon. It's a tad expensive, and I don't want someone to tell me "You need to decide". I don't want to decide. I want you to tell me whats good, what you would suggest, what you would avoid. Once we've found something that might be suitable, I want you to sell it to me, not flake out and say "Well, there's so much decision, you need to think about it ..."

With that said, I know its unfair of me to expect people to read my mind and tailor their style according to that. But it gets old, fast, being told that I need to decide, and I need to think about it, and no one gives me anything to go by. Everything looks great - but that means nothing to me.

So.. since we couldn't decide on a land destination, we went for the cruise thing. It stops in most of the destinations we couldn't choose between, and ultimately being "cheaper" up font... Catch is, we pay for our own drinks, and shore excursions, n such.

Nothing thats abnormal for a cruise though, so it wasn't a total shock.

It should be good though - I'm looking forward to it, even though it hasn't quite "sunk" in that we're going just yet ... :)

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