Good to be home...

Regardless of the amount of time you're away, its never the same not sleeping in your own bed. Sometimes its worse than other times... For me, I had several nights of not very good sleep, and I got mostly caught up Sunday night.

To add to this, we did a lot of walking around... legs were frequently sore, as was the back.. and sleeping on an air matress just doesn't cut it.

As I said, good to be back. Good to be back in my own bed, at my own place, with my own shedding cats, and back to the gym on a regular schedule.

The gallery, which I thought was GeekLog happy, is not. When I tried to post new pictures, apparantly it hits a small auth. glitch. Hopefully that'll be sorted out next version. So, as it stands, the Gallery is now a seperate system from geeklog.

We did my birthday (yay, 23..) while we were away as well.. got stuff I needed mostly, which is nice.. basically translates into doing laundry less frequently.

Canadian holiday this week, but no time off.. the joys of working for a US company. I do get 2 days off next week - one for Independance day, and one to have my teeth cleaned. Wahoo.

Anyhow..... Work awaits.

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