Back to 6 AM

I think I might get some strange looks if I were to jump down the streets, proclaiming that I get to work at 6 AM. But really, I've done it for 7 months now, I'm pretty used to it, and darnit, I missed it.

Possibly the biggest problem with the 7 AM shift .. well, the 2 biggest problems, is that when I started the 7 AM, it was the same weekend that the time moved back an hour. So when I got up at 7, it felt like it was 8 - which means for the last 2 hours of sleep, it felt like I should be up and at 'em - at work, getting crapola done.

The other issue about 7 AM is the time when I'm done. I go the gym every day after work (well, I try to, anyways), and leaving at 4 PM puts me at the gym about 15 minutes before it gets busy. Like, REALLY busy. Really big with gay men, really busy with old men who smell, and really busy with show-off jocks. So frankly, I quite like having the gym to myself at 3:00ish.

The other advantage to 6 AM, is that when I get calls at 5, from co-workers saying so-n-so isn't there, it won't be suck a frikken shock to me. Really - its 5 AM. I don't have to be at work until 7, I'm sleeping at that point. But if I don't have to be at work untol 6, there's a good chance I'm just waking up at 5 AM rolls around.

The short of it is, I'm back to the shift I want, and the moment, I think I'm pretty happy.

At least, until I get moved in a few months time.

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