Another week, another post....

As usual, a fun week at work.

Most importantly, I've been "hired on" as permanent staff at work. No longer a contractor, but a real employee with benifits, stock purchase options, vacations.. the list goes on.

This all happens on August 9th, which will be 1 week from Monday.

In the meantime, I am training a new guy. I loath training. I get so bored, so tired, and I am not a good teacher (my impatients doesn't present itself as an asset).

Here's the bad side to doing so well on the phones.

Other than that, work has been pretty calm. We were expecting all heck to break lose because of the DNC in Boston, but we think more people didn't go to work than did, so it made for a quiet week.

Electronically, I'm making my soundcard work as a modem with my radio / scanner.. thus, I am able to send and recieve packets over radio... and with that, I can use APRS - the positioning system that I blabbled about a while ago.

Anyhow, 1 more day to go. 1 more day until the tyranny of the weekend takes the place of the tyranny of the weekday.


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