10 Contacts to have in your phone

With my recent hook on Twitter, I’ve become more aware of various services that are SMS enabled on the internet.  Lifehacker (again..  heh) has a nice list of 10 SMS bots you should have stored in your phone: http://lifehacker.com/393534/top-10-additions-to-your-phones-contact-list

For me, its Twitter…  nice and easy way to say “leaving work” when you forgot to punch out.  While Google Calendar, and various AIM bots are handy, I think I’ll steer clear of SMSing my PayPal requests – a missing decimal could be somewhat devastating…

I am also a fan of the ICE list - the In Case of Emergency list.  I don't have one in my phone yet, but its on the list of things to do.  Having a set of numbers in your phone for when bad things happens would take an edge off the stress at the time.  Locksmith anyone?  how about AMA?

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