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Merry "Xmas"!

Well, the Christmas season is (almost) over, with the main even having come and gone. This year was interesting, for a change - with some key family members missing, some not-so-nuclear family not doing well, and the merging of two families.. nevermind the other events surrounding the holidays... I am certainly glad that the chaos is over.

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Good to be home...

No matter how good the holiday was, its always nice to be home.

Gallery is (almost) up to date ...

Thanks, Chris and Mel for the tickets, Heather for the pants, and mom for the shirts. Beats having to buy it all!

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Life, Work and Comics

So I think its pretty clear that I was a bit frustrated when I made my last post.. haha, "oops"...

I've added a link to Something Positive.. a highly entertaining comic that's carried me through this week.

My week of meaningless nothingness is coming to close, as things at work get changed up a bit.

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Boredom strikes deep...

So I'm pretty bored with a lot of things.. work, my projects, readings, etc... Which would normally be OK, since I can then find something else to do to amuse me..

But being amused generally costs money, of which I have very little as discussed previously.

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Why are most of the topics I post questions?

The links on the side are some of the sites I tend to visit on a daily basis.

Nothing like some comics to deal with some callers.

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Baaad blogging again...

So its been busy. Sue me!

I've been moved to a 5:00 AM shift on Thursday and Friday. It's still nice to be outside in the morning.. but thats getting a bit early.

Anyhow.. have very little to say.. going to see some wedding stuff this weekend, so hopefully that'll be squared away.

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