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End of an era

I might have used that title before - oh well.

This unassuming little camera was my first digital camera.  I took ~2000 pictures with it - it traveled with me through my wedding, my honeymoon, my child's birth, several trips to various functions I've attended throughout the years...  and so on.

Don't get me wrong - it's a nice little camera, but it has its short-comings.  Some specs:

Merry Christmas

Yep, Merry Christmas! If that isn't your religion of choice, then I wish you a happy holiday of whatever your denomination is.

This year has been a bit different than the past few. Holly and I have done some "neat stuff" before - but this year, things just seemed different. Maybe it was because of Riley, but it seems that we just paid attention to things differently.

So thank you to everyone for the wonderful gifts. I know I was a pain this year, but there was some good heart and thought put into the gifts, and I am greatly appreciative. Although Riley hasn't had a chance to post pictures yet, he wishes everyone many "Ah-goo's" for his gifts.

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