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Link: Baby's body found near Stony Plain [NSFW]

From Baby's body found near Stony Plain:

A man walking his dog northwest of Stony Plain discovered the lifeless body of a newborn baby this morning. He found the body at about 7 a.m. on an undeveloped lot in the Silver Sands subdivision about five kilometres northwest of Stony Plain. RCMP said the baby's gender and cause of death will not be revealed until a post-mortem is done later this week. They are trying find and identify the mother and are asking anyone with details to contact them. RCMP believe the body had been left at the site recently. They are treating the death as suspicious.

What the fuck is wrong with people?

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Gonna be a long day.

When you wake up at 4:00 AM to your significant other (and not your alarm, because you slept through it - but she didn't) reminding you that its time to go to work...  And the first thing that pops into your mind: "I can't wait for tonight so I can go to sleep" usually spells a long day.

I'm back on the bike these days, as the weather is nice and the snow and run-off is mostly gone.

Which reminds me - I forgot to take the studded tires off my bike.

Oh well, too late to do anything about that.

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Drupal BlogAPI Weirdness

After learning that I could post from Google Docs to Drupal, I was pretty stoked at the possibilities - Holly has had issues with the WYSIWYG editors that are compatible with Drupal: They work, but they're cumbersome, Google Docs has a nice spellcheck, some of the other editors don't, etc.

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