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I am inspired.

It's sad - One of the teeny-bopper social networking tools has actually piqued my interest, and now I'm inspired.

Truth be told, my inspiration comes from Fuelfrog.

I make use of a time tracking tool called Toggl.  I can specify projects, tasks within a project, then run a timer against a single task.  This helps me at work, when my time is chargable to different cost codes depending on the task that I do.  My biggest beef with it is that I can't do it from my BB.


image Ugh..  I cringe when I see that name.  Just the name alone makes me gag.  It's like the embodiment of all social networking sites, livejournal, myspace, and all those teeny-bopper services wrapped into one.  Makes me hork a hairball.

Recognize this scene?



That would be a view from above the Royal Glenora Club in Edmonton.  It's ..  5:38 AM, and there's fog over the western part of the city.  But only the western part.


The camera on my BB doesn't do it justice.  It was amazing.

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Making a Blackberry play nice with stuff

 I recently got a BlackBerry Pearl from work (AKA an 8130) on the Telus network.

As much as still like my Palm Treo 650 quite a bit (having a real keyboard makes a big difference), there are things that you can do with a Pearl that just aren't doable on a Palm.  Having a built-in GPS for one, an unlimited (and fast) data connection are two fine examples.

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A Weekend Post

Traditionally, Monday isn't really part of the weekend, but its the end of the Victoria Day long weekend - an extra long weekend for me (as I took Thursday and Friday off). Its been a frustrating weekend.  There were plans unfinished (Desk, now a Pergola to go atop the deck, front yard landscaping, basement cleaning..  all incomplete.  I'm not really sure where the weekend went; I didn't spend much time on the computer, but I certainly wasn't productive anywhere else.

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Dog keeps lost toddler safe overnight

Wow, here's a nice change in the news.  Instead of that headline reading "Dog mauls toddler; dog to be destroyed" we actually have a positive, and semi-heartwarming story:

OTTAWA - When two-and-a-half-year-old Destiny King visits her aunt's farm, the farm's five-year-old collie follows her everywhere.

So on Monday evening when Destiny wandered into the bush that surrounds the farm in Coe Hill, Ont., about 250 kilometres southwest of Ottawa, looking for her father who was fixing fences, Shilo the dog was right behind her.

And all through the night, as searchers in planes and on the ground combed the treacherous, rocky area for the missing child, Shilo stayed close, keeping Destiny warm and safe.

The collie's fur was still stuck to the child's tummy when rescuers found her at 5:20 a.m. Tuesday, a full three kilometres west of the farm, suggesting Shilo had curled around the girl to keep her warm on a night when the temperature fell close to zero.

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