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Hellz, er, Bells?

My parents are reasonably involved with various music programs at a couple of churches they're involved with, and with a choir or two.  So from time to time, they get to hang on to some of the gear as they're going from venue A to venue B.

In this case, one of those days where the bells were staying over happened to be a preschool day - so why not play with them?

It's kinda fun to see the interest in these things instead of just being glued to Sesame Street that's on the TV in the background.

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Happy 5 Years

image Well, so I'm a little bit late on this post..  and given I still haven't posted anything about the holidays, I figure that "Better Late than Never" probably still holds true.

5 years ago, I married the woman I first met at a friend's birthday party.  At the time, she had no idea who I was, and I didn't know her either, but we later learned that we had been going to school together for 3 years prior.  We dated for a long time (almost 10 years) as we finished up high school and found our way in post-secondary at NAIT.  We lived together for a few years in a Townhouse near NAIT, then in an apartment in downtown Edmonton while I worked for a large IT company and she worked for a large Canadian bank.

Sometime in March of 2004, she decided that marrying me would be a "good idea"..  not sure what the logic was, but who am I to challenge that?  So, along with getting married, comes buying a house, and moving to a new part of town.  We buy our house in December of 2004, and get married a month later in January 2005.

Since then we've been blessed with two healthy and happy boys, Riley and Lukah, wonderful friends and family.  Everyone has had some influence in our lives in one way or another - if it's not helping us get our mortgage or directing us to a good autobody shop, it's helping us move and watching the kids while the two of us go out for dinner and a movie for the first time in months.

So, here's to a "Happy 5 Years", and hopefully many more that we can share with the people close to us.

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Who needs a stinkin' mini-van?

This was the picture of the iterior of my 2006 Ford Fusion.  The trunk of this tree is resting on the "bookshelf" at the back of the car, and the tip of the tree (extending to the bottom of the frame) is resting on the dash. Incidentally, the trunk was partially full with the usual fare of strollers, emergency equipment and a few other items from Ikea. Long story short: Family of 4 can get by just fine without a mini-van.

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