Life @ IBM

Sleeping in..

Arrghh.. I thought I was doing so well, I managed to pack everything up, get all my stuff in one place.. then I forget to set my alarm for Friday morning. So here I am, late, the same week that I got berrated for being late all of May.

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Day Off

So I've got Monday off, since its Memorial Day in the USA. I just don't know what to do with myself today.

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'Nuff Said

Imagine a tower so tall it scrapes the clouds, filled with hard working employees, calling the Helpdesk day by day, with problem after problem...

Stupid brokers.

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Why bother calling?

Man, I don't get people. I am the HELPDESK. That means you call me for HELP. I do my best to help you with what you need, and provide you with the service that is expected by the company you work for.

So don't be a prick to your helpdesk guy. He's just doing his job.

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No matter what job you do, if you're not motivated to do your job, you won't do it well, and you won't enjoy it - and ultimately, you won't succeed at it.

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Crazy days!

Of course, when the calls come flodding in, there's 6 high severity issues, 2 magor viruses floating around, that's the queue for my tools to fail.

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