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That's a view of Sunshine when we went up in February.  We've been again since, in March, and it was just as nice - a bit more cloud cover, but otherwise snowy, mountain-y, and all around friggen awesome.

Which is more than I can say for the weather in town.  It's still in that mid-state of spring, where it thaws out during the day, freezes up at night into this nice perfect smooth icy surface.  You know, the ones that you can't see when you're clipping along at ~30kph on your bike, and you try to take a turn, and you wonder why your back wheel is going all over the place while your front wheel continues to point forward.

The one time that I've never really had a problem with icy sidewalks and roads is when I'm running.  I'm not sure why - something to do with how you move your body, I suppose, but when I'm in the act of running I generally don't slip on ice.  That's not true for walking though.  On a walk break, in between intervals or at the end of a run, I'll fall if I'm standing still, but not if I'm moving.  I don't get it.  So, I started running with the goal of doing the Canada Day race (a nice 15k with some brutal hills), the Fallen Four relay marathon (assuming a team gets formed up) and Melissa's. 

Yep, back into doing Melissa's again, and the only reason that I can come up with when I'm asked "why?" is because I had such a crappy time with it before.

Dear Kijiji Buyers: Some of you Suck.

I guess buying and selling on Kijiji is a bit of a hit-or-miss kinda thang.  The mattress and box spring that we gave away went really well, considering I wasn't even home for it.  But then we get the other side of the coin…

I've had this treadmill up for sale since mid-November.  I had two email inquiries, and of that, only one serious interest.

The end of the Garage Marathon

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Well..  it’s Sunday night, and the garage isn’t quite where I wanted it to be.  But that’s OK – I worked on it as hard as I could, to the best of my abilities…  so what if it’s taking me longer than everyone else on the block.  I didn’t hire professionals ;-)

Friday through Sunday, some combination of Holly and my dad and I assembled the 3 side walls.  Monday we assembled the front walls that would surround either side of the garage door opening, and finished up some bits of siding.  We took Tuesday off for a “vacation” day (and also because it was too windy to lift the walls).  Wednesday, 4 of us managed to lift up the 3 walls and get them mostly squared away, which led into doing the first few rafters on Thursday.  Friday rolls around, and we took another day off (Holly had to work), Saturday had us finishing up the trusses and making some of the overhang lumber, and here we are on Sunday – Installing the overhang pieces (called Outlook’s, apparently) and roof sheathing.

Then – there’s the guys down the alley who started their garage on this Friday past, and are nearly done.  Darnit :P

The few photos we took are in my gallery..  I didn’t really capture many moments, as I was usually in them.  Holly was generally otherwise busy with the kids, so taking pictures sure becomes a bit difficult.

All in all..  I’m happy it’s coming along, but I sure wish it were done.  I’ve come up to a few points where I say to myself “Will this ever be finished?” as I wail away on some more nails.  But it’ll get there.

I want to try this...


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