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DIY Automatic Lawn Sprinkler

image Another one from the old Reader files…

When I lived in Sherwood Park, a family down the road had sprinklers built into their front lawn.   I thought it was the neatest thing.  They had a set of switched under the kitchen sink that would flip on the sprinkler sets and away they went; watering the lawn at their whim.

Now that I’m a bit older, and have my own house, I can finally have the lawn sprinkler that I thought was so darn cool!

Except that it costs just short of an arm and a leg.

Enter the DIY lawn automation system.  Instead of running hose and pipe underground, you run inexpensive hoses around your yard (in your garden, through bushes, etc) and plant some sprinkler heads in some places where you can obtain good coverage.  Attach it to a timer that controls a valve, and you’re set!

Old Tech Sh*t

I don’t know that I’m alone with this problem.  I know some of my former NAIT peers have a collection of old tech stuff that just isn’t used, isn’t current, isn’t really…  usable…  but yet we hang on to it “just in case”.

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Backlog of Photos

Yep, I’ve finally managed to post some pictures in my gallery.  Some are a bit older, some are dupes if you’ve been into Riley’s site lately, but otherwise there for your viewing pleasure.

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Trash means.. you know, garbage.

I ran into this case this past winter, as we tried to grind out the MS Exchange migration.  The objective was simple:  Move all mail, calendar objects, tasks, memos, etc..  from Outlook PST archives to the Exchange server.  This would enable our users to access their mail from Outlook, OWA (Outlook Web Access for the non-MS initiated), and any other device, application or whatever that can talk to an Exchange server (not many of them, BTW).

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