On Monday, Slashdot featured an article comparing various blogs out there.

Geeklog (this site's engine) wasn't featured, however there were some pretty friendly comments from various users..

Read it here.

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Why are most of the topics I post questions?

The links on the side are some of the sites I tend to visit on a daily basis.

Nothing like some comics to deal with some callers.

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I think we've made progress

So this is almost a week late, since this was done on Saturday last week... sue me.

We've managed to put money where our mouths are for the wedding.

The service will be held at Sherwood Park United Church, the local family church I went to as a kid.

The reception will be at the Delta Edmonton South - My pics are at my gallery.. we've booked the Top of the Inn.

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'Nuff Said

Imagine a tower so tall it scrapes the clouds, filled with hard working employees, calling the Helpdesk day by day, with problem after problem...

Stupid brokers.

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Why bother calling?

Man, I don't get people. I am the HELPDESK. That means you call me for HELP. I do my best to help you with what you need, and provide you with the service that is expected by the company you work for.

So don't be a prick to your helpdesk guy. He's just doing his job.

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No matter what job you do, if you're not motivated to do your job, you won't do it well, and you won't enjoy it - and ultimately, you won't succeed at it.

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Crazy days!

Of course, when the calls come flodding in, there's 6 high severity issues, 2 magor viruses floating around, that's the queue for my tools to fail.

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