Spyce Weblog

I thought it might be neat to make a blog built from Spyce (like PHP, but Python instead).

After figuring out sessions and whatnot, I sorta realised - why re-invent the wheel?

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Poor Link

Link and Zelda have taken a back seat to all the comings and goings of this week. Hopefully this weekend I can get some quality gametime in, and next week, after gym time, maybe I can finally finish Zelda WW.

In the meantime, I will print out the 4 Swords guide a chapter a time at work.. haha!

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Visit to the gym

So my first visit to Club Fit was as expected.. reasonable leg strenth, no flexability, and absolutely horrid upper body strength.

I'll be "formally" starting on Monday (meaning I will be going to do a whack of cardio), but my first bit with a trainer is on Tuesday...

Life, Work and Comics

So I think its pretty clear that I was a bit frustrated when I made my last post.. haha, "oops"...

I've added a link to Something Positive.. a highly entertaining comic that's carried me through this week.

My week of meaningless nothingness is coming to close, as things at work get changed up a bit.

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Sleeping in..

Arrghh.. I thought I was doing so well, I managed to pack everything up, get all my stuff in one place.. then I forget to set my alarm for Friday morning. So here I am, late, the same week that I got berrated for being late all of May.

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Boredom strikes deep...

So I'm pretty bored with a lot of things.. work, my projects, readings, etc... Which would normally be OK, since I can then find something else to do to amuse me..

But being amused generally costs money, of which I have very little as discussed previously.

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Day Off

So I've got Monday off, since its Memorial Day in the USA. I just don't know what to do with myself today.

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