No Updates!

Ok, so its almost been 2 weeks since I've posted an update. It's been a busy 2 weeks.. give me a break. Between the flooding, job happenings, playing around with more amateur stuff on my computer, it's been pretty crazy lately.

Idiots with Umbrellas

So it's been raining a TON in town. Streets are flooded, cars getting stuck in the middle of puddles the size of swimming pools.. I heard someone say today it's supposed to be the storm of the century or something.

So why, when I'm walking on the street, without umbrella (because I don't OWN one), do 3 people insist on walking side-by-side, all carrying umbrellas, all 3 umbrellas expanded, taking up the whole sidewalk?

Longing for days of old

A good friend and semi-coworker came to me today and said "I almost got into an arguement with a client today - god, cb city has ruined my sense of intelligence", and I had to stop and think about my past jobs, experiences, and just what I thought of things....

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This game is far too long

I am STILL working on Wind Waker. This is far too long; I just finished collecting the maps for the triforce shards, and will be going to get the pieces of the triforce next time I play.

If I didn't like the Zelda line so much, I would have given up a looong time ago.

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Arrghh this wedding stuff will be the death of me, I'm sure! Don't get me wrong, I really appreciate the fact that other people are going to pay for most of the wedding ..........

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Whoo, what a week.. Couldn't be over any time sooner.

The calls were bad as usual, the staff management shoddier than normal, and the ache and pain from exercise slowing numbing down, and magic reboots in the night the source of much confusion...

Good to be home...

No matter how good the holiday was, its always nice to be home.

Gallery is (almost) up to date ...

Thanks, Chris and Mel for the tickets, Heather for the pants, and mom for the shirts. Beats having to buy it all!

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It's friday, and I'm happy.. been a fun week, full of discovery, hard work, a few laughs, and some intense muscle pain. Hopefully there will be much Zelda playage this weekend, alongside father's day, shopping, and just plain goofing off.

Moves and Calls

So I've moved desks 3 times this week. I've been paid for 45 mintues of doing basically nothing.

Keeps me off the deluge of calls though, with the new version of Sasser out. 71 calls for Wednesday as of this post, plus yesterday, plus what I will take later today.

Can't wait to go to the gym and just forget all of this.

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