2 dinners, 1 bout of leftovers, and thanksgiving is over. Nice to see everyone again.. it'd been since the wedding since I had last seen Chris, and 3 or 4 months since I'd seen Heather.

Cya'll in January, I suppose!

Team Lead for ya ...

October 20th.. moving to a brand new account (well, new to me), saying "Farewell!" to my amigos on the current desk.

It'll have been 7 months (almost to the day.. 7 months, 2 days) to get TL from my initial hire date.

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Nothin' constant but change

I've spent my weekend digesting this. This upcoming week will promise to be one of the more interesting weeks in some time, and I'm not really certain that I'm ready for it. There are a lot of things that are out of my control at this point; and a lot of things that are unknown, and all that scares me like nothing else.

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I'd like to tip my hat to the following bands ....

"NNnnnrrghhhh", "Na na na na nrrrrrgggghhhhhh" and "Kill Switch"*.

Your songs "Blarrrghhh", "Whaaraararrgghhh" and "Unnggghghhghghththghghgrhgrgrg" were truley inspirational.

I havn't felt anything remotely close to this good in recent memory.. in fact, the last time I listened to crap like that was when I was running the show at Festival Place.