Merry damn Christmas; don't go to the malls.

Yeah, bah humbug, whatever, I've heard it all before. But really.. Why is it that going to the malls near Christmas brings out the absolute worst in people? Why must you be so rude and obnoxious, that you think you're the only one in the mall, and that you MUST get your stuff done NOW, and to heck with all the people who are standing in your way!


Once again, I've grown bored with the Gift Page. I don't like the way its coded, I don't like the way it works, and now that I'm trying to add functionality to it, I don't like it.

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Honeymoon: Booked!

We finally managed to get a trip booked, after several travel agents, and more than a few times to think about it .. we're finally going. We chose an eastern Carribean cruise with Celebrety Cruises - more details if you follow the link on the right-hand side on this page that says "Honeymoon Cruise" .....

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Back to 6 AM

I've spent this week getting up to be at work for 7 AM.. from being on a 6-2:30 shift for the last 7 months. Tommorow, that changes, back to my beloved 6:00 shift.

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