Pictures about the wedding are coming... Just doing a conversion on them all so that I don't run out of space.

400 pictures at 2.3 MB each, down to 800 KB....

They'll be viewable Here.

Update: Rehearsal and pre-ceremony pics are uploaded...

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Wow, it's over.

Wow. That's about all that I can say. We announced our engagement on March 13th, and we got married on January 22nd ... so that makes it 10 months and 9 days of planning, headache, hard work, a lot of driving and pondering... all for one day. And now that it's over, I wish it wasn't.

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Merry "Xmas"!

Well, the Christmas season is (almost) over, with the main even having come and gone. This year was interesting, for a change - with some key family members missing, some not-so-nuclear family not doing well, and the merging of two families.. nevermind the other events surrounding the holidays... I am certainly glad that the chaos is over.

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