Week 25: Greenhouse

Some watercolour with Holly and the boys yielded a "greenhouse" - which is technically true in this picture!  With the summer season more or less upon us, we haven't made too many trips to the greenhouse to get planting needs.  Holly covered most of that off  earlier this year when she went in the spring, so we've escaped generally unscathed so far.

Week 22 - A different trailer

Ending the camping series (maybe? Depends on what the kids draw), we get a different kind of trailer. Thankfully, this wasn't actually us on the way home, though the blue truck might as well be. Holly and I were a bit worried when we saw this - does Riley know something that we don't know yet??

Week 21 - Back!

So - we're back from camping.  Riley has once again captured the moment - with a perfect illustration of just how good (or, not) I am at making a fire.

Note the lack of flame, and excess smoke...

Week 20 - Going Camping

We're going camping this weekend (well, went camping - posting this after it happened).  Riley's drawing of the truck and trailer isn't overly off the mark, and is usually a favorite subject to illustrate.

We bought a big enough trailer so that we wouldn't be all on top of each other.  This allows the boys to get up before the parents, do some drawing, while Holly and I try our best to get out of bed.

it also allows me to get the coffee going, and go back to bed, until the coffee is perking and ready to consume.

Recursively Delete folders in Outlook

Notes for myself, really.

Outlook as this annoying "feature" whereby if you have a subfolder with nested subfolders in a mailbox, deleteing that structure becomes difficult - Outlook prevents you from doing so, as there may be protected or private items.

I had to clean up a mess of 700+ folders in this kind of structure.  Thankfully the person had named the folders "PLEASE DELETE", so it was pretty obvious what needed to go.

Script below.