If you cheat, you're a fag.

Slashdot politely posted an article about how to dupe items and gold on WoW. The article is here.

I'd like to point out, that if you exercise this bug, you are a big fag, and I hope to never play with you ever. There are ample ways of making loads of money in the game without needing to exploit some hole.

Just wanted to share that.

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Birthday camping trip

Horay for me, I'm 24. To celebrate, Holly and I took a trip to Pocahontas, a nice little camping spot just inside the Jasper park gates, but closer to Hinton.

Thanks to Mom and Papa (and Mom and Dad) for the bike gear - the packs certainly take a load off my shoulders, and the pump keeps me running!

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Whateva, yo.

Since its been a week or so since my last post, thought I would throw an update with all the latest going-on's. Everything from learning poker, my birthday, painting .. its been busy.

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Patch Daze...

I knew that today was going to be bad, when I logged into WoW last night and saw the notice that "services will be down for the scheduled patch..."

So while I wait, I ramble.

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