January 2 - Not an Instagram Husband

We're chilling at Soccer, watching Lukah play in "regular season" play (which is to say, a normal game in U8 community) and I look over and see Holly and Riley doing this.

This isn't entirely new, to tell the truth.  Holly has been having a lot of fun with Snapchat, and all the effects that you can add.  We've been sending snaps back and forth for a while..  because why not?  She follows a bunch of people..  I don't.

So, while I'm not an Instagram Husband, there's the odd chance I could be mistaken as one.

Jan 1 - Hanging on to this for later

I'm trying to do another photo-365 project, inspired by Holly

As before, when I stopped doing it in June, I'm being a bit lax about it - it'll get done, but it may not get posted the day of.

Today: The wiring for a phone jack I had to replace.  This one came with the house, and the one I bought wasn't actually a phone jack - it's a network jack..  but it ought to work.  It was also cheap.

It's dumb, but it's literally the only photo I took today.

Week 32: Mt. Whistlers!

The depiction, including the wind, isn't that far off.  We took the Jasper tram up Whistler's mountain, then proceeded to hike to the peak.  It was very windy, but also very gratifying to be at the peak of a mountain.


Week 31: Aftermath

So, yep, the car was written off..  and for all the times that Riley has drawn a tow truck, we got to see one in action, right in front of our house!

At this point, we are without our trusty Fusion, and have borrowed Mom and Papa's Yaris to get around (instead of using the truck..  it's a bit of a gas guzzler, you see....) and we've begun shopping for a suitable replacement.

However, holidays are upon us soon....

Week 30: Trouble!


That's about all that I can say.  Ugh.

this week, I came home a few minutes early so that we could go to the library..  and someone decided that parking on my car at ~60kph was a great idea.  Alas, the Ford was written off...

Week 29: Another Titanic!

Titanic used to be Riley's favourite thing to draw for a long time, but one day he just stopped drawing them.  It was a bit sad, truth be told!

Anyhow, I'm just trying to get caught up after a few weeks backlog..  there's been no shortage of drawings that were made!