January 14 - A Video!

Ugh, this is a bit of a pain to post..  because CKEditor parses out the youtube Embed code..  alas.

I have been waiting for this for a little while.  Lukah has this idea that we're going to make the biggest.  Bestest.  Flashlight.  Ever.  and to drive 8 RGB LEDs, I need to be able to run 24 (8 x 3) LEDs at once.

Enter the TLC5940 PWM LED driver.

January 11 - Grossed Out

Finsihing up the lemon squares from the other nights turkey dinner..  but we skipped the plates, and handled them as finger-food instead.  Riley wasn't keen on having lemon curd all over his hands and fingers, though he didn't seem to mind it being in his mouth.

January 10 - Game Night

We had a leftover turkey - well, a turkey that we planned on making at Christmas, but then didn't need - so we had Mom and Papa over for dinner.

We've been trying to play some board games with the boys.  The other day it was Clue, which ended shortly after Riley lost his marbles and accidentally tipped over a glass of wine.  It was really over when I made a really bad guess at whodunnit ..

This game was a pattern making / matching game suitable for kids Lukah's age.  Went well, if a little long...  and with a bit of cheating by the littest ...