January 26 - A Story

So, I got behind on Sunday and again on Monday, and didn't take any pictures.

Instead, I took a series of pictures/videos through the morning, and posted it on my Snapchat Story.

So, here's a typical morning.  Sorry for the potato quality, and for the vertical.

Jaunary 21 - Lukah's Flashlight

Not much to look at here, except my Arduino board..  without the chip.  I have it configured to run with it's internal oscilator, and with that, I'm one step closer to making up his flashlight of rainbow coloured doom.

I am working on power issues though.  I measure abou 460mA of draw on my supply, with all LEDs on at full bright.  This is the situation for "white".  Given the capacity of a 6v lantern battery, I imagine that we'll get ~12 hours of use out of one battery.  At a few $ a battery, that's going to get a bit pricey!

January 20 - Frosty

I left work early with a splitting headache, and thought some fresh air would help...  so I went for a walk with Holly to pick up the boys from school.  Glad I did.

January 18 - Opened up!

Whelp, we opened up the bread..  and some massive bubbles formed on top, but the rest of it was OK.  I think this had to do with letting it sit in the fridge overnight, then warming it up "fast" (over a few horus) by putting it in the oven with the light on, so that it's warm, but not hot.

Flavour was nice too..  so I might try this one again.

January 17 - Forgot to slash

My first non-yeasted sourdough.  We haven't cut into it yet - I think Holly's doing a soup for dinner on Monday, so we'll keep it intact until then, and taste-test it tomorrow.

I forgot to slash the dough before I cooked it, so the crust isn't what I want...  but we'll wait to judge the flavour before we decide if the recipe is worth keeping or not.

For what it's worth..  I used AP flour.  I don't keep bread flour in the house.  Damn unitaskers.