February 21 - Drive Home

I never like leaving the mountains.  The drive home always feels long, even though I know that the milage is just the same as driving to the mountains.  It's usually an esier drive - it's generally downhill (you know, coming from the mountains and all), and more often than not, the wind is at your back.

Today was no different.  I don't like leaving the mountains.  I have a lot of fun here.

February 14 - Paintball

Riley went to a birthday party at a paintball course.  We didn't know how well he would do, but it was all smiles.

Now Lukah wants to go paintballing for his birthday party.  Thankfully the age is 8 or above..  so we've got a year or two yet.

Taken on the 13th..  but I've got a bit of a backlog all of a sudden.

February 12 - Some Work

Again, a bit terrible on the picture taking.  It's not that I don't have time to post - I do - I just don't have anything to post.

This is a bit from work..  I was trying to upgrade a workstation's RAM, but was immediately met with a BSOD.  Pull the RAM out, bring it back to my office, and run memcheck against it.

When the counter runs out (65535+), things are bad.