March 19 - Kitty Time

I got a new phone the other day - Samsung S7 ..  one of it's big claims is that it's better at low-light photography.

So here's a picture of my wife and my cat, taken at 10:30 PM or so.  You can actually see the cat, and how friggen huge he is..  instead of just a black blob.

Which he usually is.

March 13 - Futzing

Grandma and Grandpa are moving into a new house, and so there's plenty of opportunities for him and the boys to spend an afternoot futzing around with stuff.

March 9 - Keeping things alive

Other than my offspring, I don't have a whole lot of luck keeping things alive - just check my front yard.  The only thing that's thriving there is the mouse that lives in the yard.  So it's something of an accomplishment that I have been able to keep two plants in my cube alive for as long as I have.  It's so amazing that we picked up another plant to add to the party!

We won't talk about how they're cactuses, and how I have to have a scheduled, recurring task that reminds me to water them..

February 28 - More Caching!

Went out to find a cache on Sunday...  there was a leap year weekened event, that I only partly took part in - the other part was to go to an event on leap day itself..  but wasn't feeling it, so we opted to not go.

The objective of the cache we found was to write a long log - "Anti TFTC".  So 3900 characters it was (with a maximum of 4000 allowed in the field). 

Not much to post lately..  I just haven't been taking a lot of pictures.