April 12 - Gaming

Riley comes from an age where dual stick analogue controller is the norm.  He knows how to get around in games.  I grew up in a time when my game controller had up, down, left, right, a and b.

Immersion is high.

April 10 - Moar Cat

Riley and Yoda have always had an interesting relationship.  When Riley was first born, Yoda would come and tell us that Riley was upset (like we didn't know).  She's still protective of him, but he's not so sure about it

April 3 - More spring fun

Also, at the end of every winter, the windows are usually pretty dirty just from the snow (on the outside) and condensation (inside, obviously).

My amazing wife, being ever so critical of how they look, is the one that gets to make them all sparkly :P

April 2 - Supervisor

We've had some warm weather, and basically all the snow has melted off..  so I was out raking the front yard.

Look up...  and I see I've got a 4 legged supervisor, making sure I did it right.